Kathryn apel’s author talk

Kathryn apel’s author talk was really good. She told us where she got her idea for Bully on the Bus and it was sort of something that happened to her own children. Her story’s are really good and she does shape poems that look awesome.

She talked a lot about her own books but she was really incouraging in your own writing.

She doesn’t  have a TV and that caused her two children to Build about 15 cubbies and tree houses! They then got really creative and one built chanemale armour and also won a Telstra competition.

Here’s a link.



Here is my introductory paragraph to my information report…

Pangaea was around about 250 million years ago. The theory was thought of by Alfred Wegener 101 years ago. Pangaea ended up splitting up into the seven Contents we have now. Find out how it happened if you read on.

Today we put poppy’s with poems on them up on to some trees for Remembrance Day. This is my poem.

red as blood flowers

poppys grow in Flanders field

flowers of the war.


Exploring for cleapers

Exploring for cleapers

“Yep you guessed it we went orienteering.” The first map was a bit hard but in the end we found them all. Then the next one was way easier even though it was a harder sheet. The last map was the hardest because it went into the forest. I loved going cross country to find the control clips. We could have done more but the rain stated poring down. We played some games to pass the time while we waited for the bus.

Tactile notes

Conner is 13 years old. He was born blind. When Conner was 2 he had to learn to use a cane stick. He also had to use Braille to read.

He noticed Canadian notes had tactile(Braille) writing on it but not on Australian notes. Conner decided to put up a petition online. He got 57,000 signatures! The next generation of notes are going to be Braille.


Today we learnt about cyber safety. And lucky for me there was only one app that was not age a propriety Minecraft.All the other apps I didn’t even know about.

No mater what you never put on your password, fool name, address, email and school or where you work. If you are to be bulled you should take a screenshot then block them.

You should check your privatise every three months in settings. We watched a video and a guy just went around saying hello to people he hadn’t met before but had seen their name and pictures on Instagram. That’s why you don’t post personal things online.